About Us

I am Laurie McDowell and I run Home Away From Home with my family.  I have 30 years of professional animal care experience, most of which was as a race horse trainer.  Animal care comes easy to me as it is my passion.  It is true if you love what you do you never work a day in your life. 

Dedicated to Macy the wonder Pom

Horses are a lot bigger than dogs!


All those years on the track took a toll on my body so I needed to lessen the physical nature of my job.  After some brainstorming I came up with the idea of becoming a dog walker and Walk the Dog was born.  I specialized in correcting leash pullers and developed some loyal clients who are still with me today.  One of those clients asked if her dogs could stay with me when they went on vacation and the rest is history!  In home boarding is the majority of my business now so a name change was in order.  That is where Home Away From Home comes in.  I strive to make it a safe yet fun environment for everyone involved.

Pets are expensive.


I have two dogs of my own.  Boarding two dogs is ridiculously expensive most places.  I try to help the multi dog households keep their expenses down by offering additional dogs a significant discount.  There is never a charge for medicating either.  When you hire me to take care of your dog they get the care they need whether that be insulin injections or extra cuddling on the couch at 2am when they are terrified by a thunderstorm.​  Basic obedience is included at no extra charge too.  What that means is your dog will be taught and be expected to display the same manners that my own dogs do while they are staying with us.