Price list

Pack your bags, the fun is about to begin!  An insider's tip: many sites list their boarding prices by the DAY so they appear to be cheaper. If you drop your dog off on Friday and pick up Saturday, that is TWO days.  We charge by the night so that same time frame would only be ONE night.  Don't be fooled by math tricks!

In Home Boarding
The first dog is $50 per night for up to 24 hours of care. Additional dogs from the same family are $45 each per night. 
*No multi dog discounts Memorial Day through Labor Day*

              Pet Sitting

Prices start at $25 per visit depending upon the number and type of animals. Minimum of three visits per day for dogs, one per day for cats and small animals.  Your dog really can't hold it for 24 hours

Puppy rates 

Puppies under 12 months of age are welcomed here however space is limited to one puppy at a time for puppies not yet old enough to have completed their full vaccination series.  Puppies are $60 per night for overnight care up to 24 hours.  There is no additional charge for puppy daycare so the rate is $30 for up to 10 hours of playtime.  Perfect for socialization and exercising.

Dog Walking
30 minutes of fun is $25.  Must be within 6 miles of my home.  Dogs will walk politely with no leash pulling or lunging at passersby.  You will be amazed by his manners.
Doggy Daycare
This is your dog's chance to join the fun even when you aren't traveling.  Cost is $30 for up to ten hours of supervised play.


  Potty Breaks

Due to repeated requests, we are offering potty breaks in place of walks or pet sitting visits.  This is for dogs who are are not interested in a 30 minute walk yet still need to go outside to relieve themselves.  $15 for 10-15 minutes  Limited availability area, please contact us for details.

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