Cage Free?

What does that mean?

When you pick a hotel for yourself you really want to know what the rooms are like. Pictures of the lobby and pool are nice but if the bed is a brick you aren't going to enjoy your stay.  The same goes for your dog.  We want him to have a comfy place to sleep to rest up from all the fun he is having.   In order to truly be your dog's home away from home, we do what you do. If you crate your dog at night we will too.  If he sleeps in your bedroom, he can sleep in a bedroom here as well.

The couch is a popular spot.  

No, he won't get to the remote but he will get to sleep with some of his closest new friends if he choses this option.




Plop Down wherever

WIth all the fun he will be having, he might feel the need for a power nap.

The Dog Room

Some dogs aren't quite ready for all the freedom offered here at Home Away From Home.  For those dogs we have crates with cushy bedding for sleeping overnight.  That room tends to be limited to dogs that have forgotten they were housebroken or those who can't be convinced that eating the cats is a bad idea.